COSMO Aberdeen, Belfast, Bristol, Derby, Doncaster, Eastbourne, Edinburgh, Norwich, reviewing, Romford, Sheffield, Southampton & Wolverhampton at the moment are open. Some other branch opening schedules ahead.

Remember to confirm the establishment websites ascertain our personal current re-opening ideas and news for one’s regional department.

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Adapting our COSMO meal experiences for Covid moments.

We’re therefore happier and fired up that things are gradually going back to normal. However, be assured, their protection and welfare is still our very own main concern. The natural way, because of lifting of rules, there is eliminated numerous strategies in our dining but a few remain in location for the amount of time getting through the 19th of July. Here’s what you may anticipate:

Look Masks

Mainly because of the type of one’s sales are a meal in which people are walking around the bistro as well as in tight closeness round the meal room, most of us demand the whole team members and guests to continue to wear face covers when not at their particular stand, except for those who are excused.


Within our English limbs, we are able to capture reservations for information of the sizing from the nineteenth of July.

We’re extremely excited determine host the couples once again. Very, make your close friends together for the long-awaited and well-deserved meal around. For events up to 20, you’ll book on the internet from your 19th of July and for those greater than 20, basically communications the establishment directly. We’ve received a thing for everyone therefore we’re perfect post-Covid destination. You continue to be shut for meal inside mondays to fridays but we’re implementing getting the methods together in order to open again right through the day.


We can at this point serve alcoholic beverages to all of all of our divisions as well as have the full drinks menu so that you could consider. If this’s a pint of lager, one cup of drink or a cheeky cocktail, we’ve got it all ready to suit your function. We’re promoting our personal deep soft drinks when you look at the most all of our dining, where the servers will replenish for every person as many times as you wish. You should be aware, some branches aren’t supplying deep soft drinks, you should always check before the experience.


As prior to, you’ll be able to nevertheless provide yourself at the buffet; but a result of characteristics in our businesses and motion around the snacks area, we just need you to don a masks, sanitise both hands, wear the single utilize gloves presented and adhere to the one-way technique if across the snack bar counters. Needless to say, you are able to get back to the meal as many times as you wish if you adhere the number of quick practices, it really is as easy as that. Young ones under 11 furthermore check out the meal currently while monitored. In our Scottish, NI and Irish dining you are able to however look at the snack bar counter, but the culinary experts will serve your meal to you personally.

The Snack Bar

We shall gradually restore recipes that have been shed during Covid-19 with the buffet. This indicates the whole eating plan will be obtainable in virtually no time. We are now however concentrating on acquiring the candy water fountain open inside easiest way possible but we will make you stay current.

We’re positive you will satisfy your COSMO meal desire.

Whilst many rules are raised, as a business, we used the choice to maintain methods you feeling essential positioned to make sure that you shield our people and staff from likelihood of the virus. We all thanks so much for the knowing, lasting support and appearance forward to eating along mostly!

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